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Ever wished for a guide or coach? They say experience is the best teacher, but what if we can save you thousands of dollars and a massive amount of time going through costly business mistakes?


LCA Premium is an all-in-one platform where you have access to the best real estate community there is! Be encouraged, guided, and assisted by industry leaders, subject matter experts, and our staff and the entire Premium community to experience the unique high-level content created specifically for you to get you the best resources at every level of your business. Whether you're a solo agent, a team leader, a manager of different teams in different states, or even developing a new business model to generate income - we have everything you could possibly need at the tip of your fingertips.

Focus on your growth. No politics. No dramas. This exclusive community is a noncontroversial space where you can ask questions and test different theories to grow your real estate business. Discuss different technologies, tools, systems, and products without any bias. 

LCA Premium is designed by Tristan Ahumada, Nick Baldwin, and the rest of LabCoat Agent's staff so you can fully immerse in an exclusive community of real estate professionals and experts who share the same passion for evolving their real estate business in a focused and organized way.

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